Foldable Wireless FM Headphone supporting 50 - 108 MHZ

  • $21.99


The Wireless FM Hearing Headset is a good listening headphone with built-in antenna. Its durable PVC and 180 degree easily flat can bring you more comfortable wearing. Besides, its memory foam with good sound insulation and shock absorption will make you feel comfortable while listening.


- Color: Black.
- Material: ABS Plastic.
- Reception frequency: FM 50-108MHZ.
- Built-in antenna.
- FM stereo.
- Audio mode.
- Digital signal processing, adopt DSP chip to improve hearing sensitivity, and interference ability.
- 30mm speaker drive unit, wide frequency response range.
- Durable PVC, 180 degree easily flat with more comfortable wearing.
- Memory foam, good sound insulation and shock absorption.
- 8 station can be storaged.