How to Use Apple M2 Game Controller with an iPhone, iPad

How to connect M2 to Apple device

Apple M2 MFi controller just pairs wirelessly via Bluetooth, like a Bluetooth headset or keyboard. Just put the controller into pairing mode, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, and select Bluetooth. Tap the controller to pair it with your device.

Apple M2 Gamepad

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The new Apple TV also uses MFi controllers, so games that have updated to run on the Apple TV should also work with MFi controllers on your iPhone or iPad.

About M2 Gamepad

M2 Gamepad game controller for iOS provides the ultimate portable iOS gaming experience. Available in Maroon and Prussian Blue, the M2 is the first iOS game controller built for accuracy and comfort, featuring big, rubber-coated textured handles for a comfortable grip when playing games for long periods. The M2 Gamepad lets everyone play games on any iOS device: iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV -- anytime/anywhere.


The M2 Gamepad provides incredible precision, accuracy, and reaction times for shooting and fighting with sports and adventure games and is the first iOS controller with an LED power indicator for better gaming process control. The iPhone, iPad or iPod quickly snaps onto the Gamepad phone holder on top of the unit for secure gaming.


Apple-certified MFi made for iOS, the M2 Gamepad features a compact design for easy portability with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for playing games everywhere. Also included the free GameSir Apps “GameSir World” where users can download thousands of Apple Gamepad supported mobile games to share with friends and family and the free GameSir “Happy Chick” App to download retro games for the most entertaining gaming experience on the road.